Bubble Witch Saga Tips

Bubble Witch Saga tips and cheats to help you make your way through this new adventure. In this game you will be trying to burst and pop the bubbles that are required to beat the different objectives. If you have played other King games, be ready, Bubble Witch Saga is totally different. This game is all about shooting down bubbles. Below we have compiled a list of the top Bubble Witch Saga tips to help you along the way!

Bubble Witch Saga Tips

Bubble Witch Saga Tip #1: Aim High

bubble witch saga

Look for bubbles that will drop multiple bubbles. If you are able to aim the bubble to hit a match that has many other bubbles attached to it, you will beat the level in no time. When you do this you are not only making your life much easier, but you are increasing your points. The best way to do this is to aim high. Look for combinations near the top of the board.

Bubble Witch Saga Tip #2: Use The Dotted Line

bubble witch saga

Before shooting the bubble, make sure that you use the dotted line to aim it. To do this you simply tap and hold the bubble. When you follow the line, your chances of missing your target will dramatically decrease. Always look at your options before shooting off the bubble. You never know, there may be a better option!

Bubble Witch Saga Tip #3: Switch The Bubbles

bubble witch saga

Sometimes the bubble that is loaded in the shooter will not be beneficial to you at that point in the level. To switch it with the other bubble available, just tap the shooter. This way you will avoid wasting a move and bubble. Always make sure that you are looking at the upcoming bubble, not just the one given. When you reach the more difficult levels, paying attention to the upcoming bubble will come in handy.

Bubble Witch Saga Tip #4: Use The Rainbow Bubble


The rainbow bubble booster is great option when you get stuck with no moves. Sometimes you may find yourself with a bubble in your shooter that will not benefit you. If this happens and you need to make a big move, use the rainbow bubble. The rainbow bubble will act as any color you want it to be.

Bubble Witch Saga Tip #5: Focus On The Objective

bubble witch saga

In the game there are three different types of levels: clear the top, free the ghost, and save the animals. When clearing the top, you want to focus on removing the bubbles that will help you to reach the top more efficiently. Typically, you only need to clear six bubbles at the top. Free the ghost levels feature a ghost that is stuck in between groups of bubbles. To free the ghost, you will need to remove the bubbles that surround it. Finally, save the animal levels. In this type of level you will need to free a certain amount of animals that are trapped inside of the bubbles. Rather than focusing on clearing bubbles, your main focus should be on clearing the animals.



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