Defeat Morgana Levels in Bubble Witch Saga

Morgana Levels are one out of four level types in Bubble Witch 2 Saga. In order to win a Morgana Level, you must defeat Morgana by popping her bubble shields wherever she appears. Other level types in the game include classic levels, ghost levels, and animal levels.
bubble witch 2 morgana
Every Morgana shield in Bubble Witch 2 Saga will have its own color. To clear Morgana’s shield, you will have to shoot a bubble of the same color at the shield. If you shoot a bubble of a different color at Morgana, then her shield will change colors.

The first Morgana Level in Bubble Witch 2 Saga is level 21. The earlier Morgana levels are much easier than the later ones. Once you get above level 150, there are stages of Morgana shields. Once you defeat one stage you are automatically brought to the next stage. Before level 150 you still have to clear the bubbles to reach the next Morgana shield.

Tips to Defeat Morgana

  • Hit the Morgana shield with a bubble of the same color.
  • Always check which bubble is next in the queue. You want to waste as few bubbles as possible, so before every move make sure that the next bubble isn’t one that can beak her shield.
  • Bounce bubbles off the walls to reach Morgana. You don’t need to shoot directly at her to beat the level.
  • Use the dotted line to help you aim at the shield when bouncing off the walls.
  • Pop the bubbles around Morgana to expose areas of her shield.

Who is the Evil Morgana

Here’s a little bit on the character of Evil Morgana. She is the main antagonist in Bubble Witch 2 Saga, also known as “The Boss”. She looks like a dead witch, and will taunt you (and Stella) when you fail a level. She will laugh at you and break your broom stick! Once upon a time however, Evil Morgana was a good witch.

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