Bubble Witch Ghost Levels

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Ghost levels begin at level 4. The goal in the level is to free the friendly ghost from the center of the circular board. Ghost levels are thought to be one of the easier types of levels in all of Bubble Witch Saga 2, right after medium animal levels and the extremely difficult classic levels. However, the case can be made that as Bubble Witch Saga 2 goes on, the complexity of ghost levels vary.
bubble witch saga 2 ghost level

You should also note the board itself in ghost levels. It is quite different than those of the other level types. In ghost levels, the board you see is all there is. In other words, there is no moving up to another section of the board. In addition to that, the board is usually circular and can spin depending on where your bubble shots hit it.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Ghost Level Tips

bubble witch saga 2 ghost

  • One of the best ways to free a ghost is to make a path directly to him. Take note of where you can reach him fastest, and begin shooting your way towards him. Once you are able to get on the inside of the board, use angles to get above him and free him.
  • When you open a path to the inside of the board, look to use the wall. Banked wall shots will help you reach narrow gaps and angles that you would not normally be able to make.
  • You should also look to take advantage of the board and that fact that it spins. If you shoot the board, it will turn, depending on where and what angle. Since it does this, you can reach some of the hard to reach areas on the board or around the ghost.
  • Since the ghost’s board is so compact, you take advantage of any zen bubbles you come across. When hit, the zen bubbles will explode and create a large opening for you or even knock free the ghost.

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