How to Get Free Lives in Bubble Witch Saga

You are given five lives in Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2. Every time you fail a level you will loose a life. If you run out of lives, you either have to wait, or pay money to buy more lives. BUT if you know this handy dandy cheat trick, you can refill your Bubble Witch Saga lives for free! Just follow these instructions to get free lives.

Bubble Witch Saga Free Lives

Step 1: Open your Settings.

Step 2: Go to General.
bubble witch free lives

Step 3: Go to Date & Time.
bubble witch date and time

Step 4: Turn off Set Automatically.
bubble witch free lives

Step 5: Manually set your date one day forward.
bubble witch free lives

Step 6: Go back to the Bubble Witch Saga App. Do not click anything, but you will see that your lives have refilled.
bubble witch saga lives

Step 7: Go back to Date & Time in your Settings. Set the date back to Today.
bubble witch free lives

Step 8: Now you can play Bubble Witch Saga with a fully refilled 5 lives!
bubble witch saga lives

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