Bubble Witch Animal Levels

Bubble Witch 2 Saga Animal Levels are one of the more difficult objectives out of the four core objectives in the game. Animal Levels begin in Episode 2, Pumpkin Fields. The first level that you will come across a ‘Save the Animal’ objective is in Level 11. Save the animal objectives are sometimes the most difficult objectives to beat, due to the placement of the animals on the board. In these levels, you will need to clear a certain amount of animals from the board.

bubble witch animal levels

To drop the animals from the board, you will need to create a match with the bubbles that are attached to the animals. What makes these levels even more difficult is usually you will have a move limit attached to the level. Each move needs to positively impact the bubbles surrounding the animals. Below are a few tips to help you beat the Animal Levels in Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

Tips to Save the Animals

  • Make sure you focus on hitting the bubbles that are attached above the animals.  Hitting the bubbles that are above the animals will allow you to drop the animals, and save them from the board.
  • Look to use the wall to ricochet the bubbles off of.  Using the wall will help you to reach the bubbles that are above the animals.
  • The animals will be all different sizes.  While some animals may be in normal sized bubbles, others will take up a good portion of the board, acting as blockers.  Focus on clearing out these larger animal bubbles to prevent you from getting stuck with no move combination.
  • Typically, you will have a move limit attached.  With that being said, make sure that your moves are effective in helping you reach the objective.  Conserving your moves is key in beating Animal Levels.
  • Rather than making your way up the board, focus on bringing down the animals.  The only time you should focus on clearing bubbles to make it to the top is when you need to move the screen up.

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